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Born in 1994, this graphic designer has honed her creative skills through her activities in Tokyo. Combining technical expertise with creativity, she has poured her passion into visual storytelling through design.

Having concluded her endeavors in Tokyo in February 2024, she is set to embark on a new chapter in Canada, starting from March. Eager to immerse herself in different cultures and design landscapes, she looks forward to bringing a fresh perspective to her work in this new environment.

Beyond the realms of pixels and vectors, her love for photography serves as a creative outlet, influencing the aesthetic of her designs. When not immersed in the visual domain, she enjoys tuning into the melodies of music and delving into the narratives of films. However, her interests extend beyond the visual and auditory realms; she holds a special affection for the subtle nuances of Japanese comedy. Finding joy and laughter in the unique expressions of Japanese humor, she draws inspiration and delight.

In her narrative, each design becomes a visual chapter, and every project presents an opportunity to tell a captivating story. Embracing the multicultural backdrop of Canada, her designs continue to evolve, reflecting her journey as a graphic designer and storyteller.








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