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Happy Valentine's day 2023
Happy Valentine's day 2023

Happy Valentine's day 2023


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Happy Valentine's day 2023

Valentine's Day 2023 Graphic.
Valentine's Day originated on February 14, the day that Uarentinus (Valentine), a Christian priest, was executed by the then Roman Emperor Claudius II.
Emperor Claudius II forbade the marriage of soldiers on the grounds that it was demoralizing for soldiers to leave their loved ones at home, and Uarentinus (Valentine), a Christian priest, took pity on the grieving soldiers and held a wedding ceremony in secret for them. The rumors soon reached the ears of the emperor, who, outraged, ordered Uarentinus never to perform such an act again. However, Uarentinus stood firm and did not yield to the emperor's order, and he was eventually executed. The date of his execution was purposely chosen to be February 14, the feast day of Juno and the day before the Lupercalia festival. It is said that Uarentinus was considered a sacrifice for the Lupercalia festival. It is therefore generally agreed that this day became a feast day for Christians as well, and that it became a day for lovers.

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